Saturday, August 21, 2010

Test Question


As part of project to built a sport stadium you are managing a sub-project to construct the automatic all whether roof. Level 2 of the WBS displays the phases manufacturing, electronic and controls and testing. Level 3 contains two deliverable for electronic and control, wiring and computerization.

The WBS dictionary describes the work the computerization deliverable requires as installing the management hardware and software and customizing the installation.


1) Construct the WBS
2) Determine the dependencies in Level 3
3) Create the WBS dictionary


1) the WBS:

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2) The dependencies

The hardware must be installed first before the software can be installed. Customizing the installation is done after install the software.

3) The WBS dictionary

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Quiz 1

Consider the following table which describes the activities to be done to Build A House and it's sequence.

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1) Construct the network Diagram
2) Find the critical path


1) The network diagram

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2) The critical path

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The critical path is A+B+D+G since it takes the longest duration to finish the project.