Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introduction To Project Management

Lecturer Name: Megat Zainurul Anuar Bin Megat Johari (

Learning Summary
General Definition Management:
a) How To Plan
b) How To Leading
c) How To Organizing
d) How To Control

It could be management for resources(human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible),management for bussiness, management for projects and others.

Specific definition project management: The application of knowledge, tools and technique to project activities.

In project management,the first place must have stakeholder and follow by the framework.

Stakeholder means the people involved and interested to the projects.Generally stakeholder consisting of:
a)Project Manager
b)Project Owner
d)Project Team

Framework means a fundamental structure or conceptual structure intended to serve as a support or guide for the building or projects of something that expands the structure into something useful.

Difference Project With Operation

->Bersifat sementara
->Ada project manager yang dilantik
->Perlu sumber(Money,Time)
->Mesti sda mula dan akhir projek

->Sesiapa pun boleh buat
->Tidak memerlukan kuasa untuk melaksanakan operasi
->Tidak memerlukan sumber
->Tiada start & end

As a project manager, we must have 3 things need to be focus.It is called Triple Constrain:

Scope consist of 2:
  • Project Scope such as build a university
  • Product Scope such as build lecture hall, classes (more specific)


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